Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Will I get My Coffee Soap After Purchase?
Please allow 5 – 14 Business Days for Shipping.

Should I/Can I Use it on my Face?
You should absolutely 100% use it on Your Face.

How do I Use My Coffee Soap?
Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Will My Coffee Soap really reduce scarring?

Do you use anything unnatural or any synthetics?
No. Our soap is 100% All Natural & Vegan.

Why is it the greatest soap in the world?
The perfect combination and amount of all natural ingredients. Endless research and trial and error led us to the perfect formula for skin health and vibrancy. No other soap in the world can offer what our soap can offer. We hand craft perfection backed by scientific data. The proof is in the real life results and the lives we are able to change.

Is your soap safe for sensitive skin?
Yes. Because our soap only uses fresh all natural ingredients it is inherently safe for those with sensitive skin.

My acne is not instantly getting better why is that?
Unfortunately when it comes to treating acne things always look worse during the initial healing phase. This is the bacteria making one last ditch effort to grow before our soap eradicates it from your skin. Depending on your body it can be 1 week to 2 months before the angry acne has vanished from your skin.

Can I place bulk orders?
Yes. Please email for information on bulk orders.

Is your extra virgin olive oil actually real olive oil?
Yes. We source our Extra Virgin Olive Oil directly from an olive mill 45 minutes from our Lab. We have literally touched the olives that go in to our soap.

Why did you create My Coffee Soap?
We are here to put an end to the unhealthy deceptive players in the industry. We are here to bring you health and perfection. Welcome to the future of soap.